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Results of Bapco’s Trade Union elections

 The elections for Bapco’s Trade Union were held on Monday, March 30.

The 15 winners out of 43 nominees were:

 1st Constituency: Refinery

1. A. Ghaffar A. Hussain Abdulla            

2. Mohamed Ali Mohamed Al-Dulabi

3. Abdulla Yousif Ali Al-Rosani                                                               

4. Hassan Ahmed Abdulla Hassan

5. A. Rasool Khalil Ebrahim                                                                   

6. Ali Jaffar Mohamed

7. A. Qader A. Karim Al-Shehabi                                    

8. Sayed Hussain S. Hashim S. Ahmed


2nd Constituency:  Awali

 1. Sayed Jawad S. Ali S. Jawad                                                             

2. A. Hakeem A. Karim Mohamed

3. A. Redha Ebrahim Al-Aliwat


3rd Constituency: Sitra Tanks/Marketing Distribution/Marketing Terminal/Bapco Service Stations

1. Baseem Jassim Mohamed Al-Thawadi                        

2. Saeed Abbas Al-Manami


4th Constituency: Production and Drilling/Jebel Area

 1. Ali Jassim Mohamed Ebrahim


5th Constituency: Wharf

1. Fuad Hassan Ahmed


The vote counting process was attended by members of the company’s executive management, as well as members of the Elections Executive Committee.

Bapco Chief Executive Abdulkarim Al-Sayed expressed thanks and appreciation to the Elections Executive Committee, chaired by Mohamed Ali Bin Khalil, and hailed the dedicated efforts of its members during the elections. The Chief Executive also thanked Bapco’s officials and employees for their valued support and cooperation with the Elections Executive Committee, which resulted in a very successful election with high standards of discipline and transparency.

Mr. Al-Sayed extended his congratulations to the winners of the Trade Union elections, wishing those who did not win better luck in future elections. “We hope the Trade Union of Bapco Employees will continue to play its vital role as an effective tool in fostering performance and maintaining safety. We hope that the Trade Union will continue to work closely with Bapco’s management as one team”, Mr. Al-Sayed added.

Mr. Al-Sayed emphasised that the role of the new Trade Union board remains the same as that of the previous Trade Union board, which is to work and cooperate with Bapco’s Management in order to achieve the common goals of the company and the employees.

Chairman of the elections Executive Committee Mohamed Ali Bin Khalil announces the results


An employee casts his vote at the Refinery Cafeteria polling station


An employee casts her vote at the Bapco Club polling station


The Elections Executive Committee at a meeting held before the Trade Union elections

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